The Rise and Fall of a Demagogue

by Exemia

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Spoonbräu thumbnail
Spoonbräu Congrats on releasing a record both rich and varied! From a powerful Dark Electro to a kitsch-laden Retrowave, there are several twists stimulating the desire to dance over and over. Favorite track: World Under Siege.
XARGON thumbnail
XARGON An epic cyberpunk tale that will grab and hold your attention throughout, prepare to plug the fuck in with 'The Rise and Fall of a Demagogue'. Balancing cool samples, effects, industrial and melodic synth sounds, Exemia smashes out some extremely high-quality retro-futuristic synth. MORE PLEASE! Favorite track: The Rise and Fall of a Demagogue.
Wirocajun thumbnail
Wirocajun I wasn't aware that someone can make an album that looks and sounds like an aged skyline and the floating, laser filled head of a skull staring into space.
polter13 thumbnail
polter13 Exemia always delivers. buy on sight
palehorse666 thumbnail
palehorse666 this album bleeds fantastic non-stop dark cyberpunk action and energy like I've never heard. Favorite track: Honey, I'm Home.
Christoff Slater
Christoff Slater thumbnail
Christoff Slater You blow me away, you have so much talent. Your music keeps me moving. I love it!! Thank you for taking the time to talk to me on FB. All the best Take Care and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Favorite track: Monstrous.
Monstrous 05:42
Black gloves on our hands Moon in scorpio! Serve the dead! Wilderness! praise the sun! Visionaries with machine guns We gotta move on We gotta march on We are the gate We gotta head on We gotta move on We gotta marche on Full throttle is the sound Tremendous fallout On the horizon shines new world To possess, rule and shred. Distant thunders lure us up Aimed howitzers, time to charge Dark glasses, cigarettes Venegance against the world White dust badly stabs Wistful men, starry eyes We gotta shine on We gotta ride on We are the true faith We gotta head on We gotta shine on We gotta ride on Engines roar on Enormous burn out Hope and shivers are our wage There no justice in this world Noise and turmoil are here to stay Crystal meth and hand granades
Haywire 03:53


GENRE: Synthdustrial
[Cyberpunk-Darksynth / Post-Industrial Techno]


released July 4, 2019

- Music:
Fabian Morelos Aldana AKA EXEMIA

- Vocals:
• Uncarnate
Wojciech Jarzębak [Vocals and lyrics on Dystopian Nightmare]

• Audiocentesis
David Jörmungandr Erickson
[Vocals on New Fearmonger and Honey, I'm Home]


all rights reserved



Exemia Tijuana Municipality, Mexico

Fabián Morelos Aldana, Fako (aka Exemia) was born in 1986, Tijuana Baja California, Mexico, In 2003 Exemia was born as a multi-genre electronic music project mainly focused on post-industrial variations and dance music, experimenting with the power of hard kicks and heavy basslines to create a blend of electronic styles. Nowadays he plays his different repertoires depending on the event. ... more

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